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Art Direction

What I Was Wearing

Personal Project
Feature: Cynthia Taylu 

Videographer: Matthew Baker
Gaffer: Campbell Hinderswood
Words: Halimi Castellanos
From Deelan’s personal experience and surrounding stories of casual
trauma, a collective of mixed media works – featuring Cynthia Taylu –
visualise and echo the voice of victims of sexual harassment. In a no omnipresent #METOO era, there’s a pervasive desire to put our traum to use – for personal narratives of assault and consent to stimulat effective dialogue, and in tandem, change. Yet trauma permeates ever space we exist within, leaving a taste for self-deprecation in its aftermat and opportunity for our experience to be imperilled. So how can artist protect their creative dignity when urged to exploit one’s self? Wher does exploitation end and liberation begin? It’s an elusive, nonlinea path. A barrier of inner evolution. Suppression, reflection, acceptanc and release. When baggage finally becomes cathartic fuel for momentum.

WHAT I WAS WEARING is an intimate conversation of vulnerability.
From years of question, blame, doubt and silence – unaware of how to
connect with himself and trauma – Deelan opens his door to healing and
confronts what that may look like. Facing introspection, in hope of creating communion around the particularities of voice, consent and self-empowerment. It’s a story of many. ‘What I wear’ is - and was not - an invitation for your touch.

Comber Street Studios presents ABOVE BELOW, a contemporary group exhibition of photographic and mixed media works featuring three Sydney-based artists – Deelan Do, Emil May Gunawan and Jonathan Rae.

ABOVE BELOW invites a shift in perception, coalescing around the notion that the most common way we view is only one way to look. Through a cumulation of lived experiences, the artists invite you to explore the unprecedented connectivity between the outer and unseen.

ABOVE BELOW opened Thursday, 24th November 2022.