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Music: Miink Small Clan
‘MASC4MASC’a term widely used within the queer male community to indicate a preference often used alongside ‘No Fat, No Femme, No Asians/ Latinos/ Blacks’. 'MASC4MASC' normalises the problematic notion of “preference”.

MASC4MASC offers a poignant rebuttal against the general societal misconception that the epitome of beauty is to be tall, white, masculine and cis. This perpetuates a belief that other minorities are lesser and superficially eliminates an entire race or a subcultural group. The open use of “preference” is simply discrimination.

Collectively, the pieces exhibited celebrate diversity and uniqueness and encourage the viewer to see the beauty that is within everyone. Photography and line-art illustration are combined to emphasise that under different skin tones, shapes and forms, is flesh.

We are all intimate beings with an individual story to be told. Each work acts as a point of inquiry into ideas of cultural heritage, lineage and personal experience.

We as a community, can be more supportive, more engaged and enact kinder conversations around "preference". I hope this body of work urges viewers to revaluate their definition of beauty and further put motion into a moveme